getting everything set up

As a brand new blog, please expect that things will be added continually here. And that things may get randomly rearranged as well.

I’ve started the link lists, over in the sidebar.

The Patterns & Projects section is just that…links to patterns and projects that I’ve collected over the last several months. As I live in fear that my laptop may die (don’t laugh…it’s happened to me 2x in the last year) and take all my saved links and favorites down with it. So I created this area to keep a web-based archive of the projects that I’ve found in my E-travels.

Some of the patterns I’ve found have been on blogs/sites with multiple patterns offered. So I created a special section for those.

Some patterns are free. Some are fee-based. All are interesting to me.

I’m also going to created blog posts for favorite knitting books. As many of them come from the library, I won’t have them forever. I intend to create a blog post for each book and then listing the patterns in that book that I’d like to remember for later. That way I can do a simple search, then go fetch that book again.

There will be photos! Of my works in progress and my finished projects as well.

There will be patterns of my own design as well. In the next few days I’ll post pix of a new baby in the family present — which I made up in my head. I’ll include the pattern and instructions.

One note about Ravelry. I love Ravelry. I heart Ravelry. šŸ˜€

I am not trying to replicate or recreate anything like Ravelry with this simple blog. Ravelry has thousands (tens of thousands?) of patterns. But a person can’t keep all that straight.

This blog is so that I can list those things that I, personally, amĀ interested in doing, learning about or making.

Please, suggest links, leave comments, show the ‘knitting love.’



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