what I’m working on today

I posted pix of this project over at attachlings, but thought I’d update here.


I found a pattern in the book A Passion for Knitting for an ‘Increased/Decreased Baby Blanket’ and that was the inspiration for this project.

The yarn is Cascade Eco-Wool, 250 gram, ‘green.’ It’s wonderful to work with and cost only $15.

The pattern I’m working with/creating as I go is:

CO 5 stitches
Knit one row
next row: *k2, yarn over, k to end of row*
repeat between the * until you have 126 stitches
next row: *k2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of row*
repeat between the * until you have 5 stitches
bind off

I’m in the decreasing row section, currently at 73 stitches.

Working on this has really gotten my brain thinking about a shawl I want to make for Whinnie…she’s even let me try this blanket on her shoulders many times as I’ve progressed. I think the sizing is right on for her little 2yo self.



2 thoughts on “what I’m working on today

  1. Hey–I’m working on the same thing! Well…except mine is smaller. Get yourself a (cheap!) ball of Sugar n Cream cotton, do the pattern increases only to 48 stitches and then decrease, and Voila! Dishcloth! LOL

    Actually, that’s my preferred “mindLESS” knitting project, as it’s an easy pattern to follow and I can use short needles and the ball of yarn is small. Everything fits nicely into my jacket pocket, so when I’m outside “supervising” (AKA making sure no one runs into traffic), I can still make progress on a tangible project.

    And the texture is wonderful. Nice and nubbly in a softer yarn, like for the blanket you’re making. But in a durable cotton it becomes a scrubbing powerhouse! Try it!! 🙂

  2. I do have some cotton on hand…not sugar n cream, though.

    I was thinking that I’d make some dishcloths eventually. I’m particularly interested in the LOVE pattern. There are several different dishcloth patterns that I’ve linked on the blog here.

    Eventually I’ll get around to it. 😉

    As soon as I finish this baby blanket I’m gonna get started on a shawl or poncho for Whinnie, though. She’s been eyeing my knitting wanting to know if it’s for her. 😀

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