wee poncho

When I was a child in the 70s, ponchos (to my memory) were these horrible scratchy things that always got in my way and looked like a whole box of crayolas exploded on them. Yuck.

Fast forward to right now. I love the functionality of a poncho for my wee one. My wee-est wee one.

So with the sofest, yummiest yarn I could find (within my tight budget) I am making a Wee Poncho for Whingari.

Here’s the very beginning. The poncho will be made with 2 equally sized rectangles stitched together. One rectangle will be in this yarn, which is called Woodland Heather. The other will be in this rich plum color.

The pattern that inspired this is an adult size, so I have to make appropriate changes to proportion. But I have an eager model, so I believe I’ll work it out.

Wee Poncho

Edited to add:
The yarn is an acrylic (but doesn’t feel like it).
Caron ‘Simply Soft’ 5oz, 142 g, 250 yards
The first skein (pictured above) is Woodland Heather. The other one is the same in details, but the color is Deep Plum. I’ll post pix of it to when I get it on the needles. 😀


2 thoughts on “wee poncho

  1. Yeah, it is silky and soft. I just put another 10 rows or so on and was reveling in how supple it is. The feel as I knit is smooth. The feel of the knitting rows is supple and very appealing.

    I will edit the main post with details about the yarn, now that I found the paper. 😀

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