ok, not a hat…

Yesterday’s post showed pix of what I thought was going to be a hat. I figured even if I made it too big for Whingari, it could be for me. But I am so new at knitting that figuring out sizes of things that I design in my head…well that is a skill I’m still developing.

But I believe that they only develop by trial and error.

Here’s what the project looked like yesterday when I knit in the van whilst waiting for Nic and Chris, who ran things in to the library:



Then I knit as Chris drove. In that top photo, if you really, really try, you can see that I’ve jst started knitting with two strands together. Another first for me! I’d not tried knitting with two strands together before. But these to yarns looks so beautiful together I was inspired.

As I knit, though, it became clear that this was way to big for Whingari’s wee head. Eventually, I tried it on my own head…um, yep…to big.

But I was having so much fun watching the colors blend together, I didn’t care. And using two strands at once was so easy. I expected it to be difficult and turn my knitting into a chore. But, not at all. I even did some decreasing whilst knitting the two colors together.

Here’s what it looks like this morning:




I don’t know if these pix do justice to it. I love the way the blending came together. I just keep looking at it and marveling and how lovely it turned out…and from such a simple activity on my part.

So, what is it? I’m working on the idea now that it could be a skirt for Whingari. I’ve decreased and now switched back to just the heather yarn. I’m working on ribbing it now in hopes that whenI get several more rounds knit, it will be slim enough to fit Whingari’s waist.

Should this work, it will look adorable with the matching poncho.

I’m not sure what it will be if that doesn’t work. Maybe I’ll just put it away and take in out years from now and marvel how little I knew about knitting.

Doesn’t matter, though. I’m enjoying the process and the product…even if I don’t know what that is yet.

peace in knitting,


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