knit an alphabet

I just stumbled across this pattern on Ravelry. I love this:

alphabet with garter stitch borders

alphabet with garter stitch borders

The $5 pattern includes instructions for the entire alphabet. How cool is that?

Here’s a link:

Not only a good gift to make up…but it would seem that this could be one of those ‘stash busting’ projects to use up small quantities of various yarns.

I think this would be a great christmas present for Whingari. Something totally interactive, and yet easy enough for my new knitting skills. Plus I think that they are very montessori-waldorf-y…tactile and explorable.

I imagine that the blocks, sewn together, would be a lovely throw.

Me? I’m still working on the shrugawl that I posted pix of yesterday. I’m at about 90 stitches on the needles…at the 110 stitch mark I need to pay attention and start shaping the neckline and the sleeves.

Pix and progress report tomorrow, I suspect.

happy knitting,

EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a link to a site with all the alphabet available for free:
Both options seem excellent, btw. 😀


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