two projects at once

Ok, so I have 2 separate projects on the needles at the same time.

I worked the shrug-awl to 110 stitches and now need to work on the sleeves. But I need to concentrate and Whingari was not about to let me do that yesterday. She didn’t really want my attention, she just wanted to sit on me and not let me focus on knitting…at all. 😀

Here’s what it looks like before working the sleeves:

Since I couldn’t take that project any further last night, I decided to give the alphabet cloths/blocks project a test run.

I have some basic cotton yarn on hand, so I cast on with that, to make the block “A” and see how the pattern goes. This is what I worked on whilst Whingari took her bath last night, and then after she went to sleep. I should be able to finish this one up pretty quickly. It’s a quick, easy pattern. I can see how this type of super quick project will be appealing:march-25-030

Those are the columns of the bottom of a capital A that are showing in the photo.

This particular block is destined to become a dishcloth for my use. But once I get several different colors of a softer, stretchier yarn, I’ll start knitting up the entire alphabet. I think when gathered up and put in a pretty box, this will be an awesome christmas present for Whingari. And once she’s done playing with them they can be gathered into making a blanket.

Oh, that block is from the free pattern, linked at the bottom of yesterday’s post.

off to knitting,


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