completion and progress, sort of

First, I did finish the ‘A’ block dishcloth I was experimenting with. My reading of the pattern went wonky at the top of the A, but given that it was a) an experiment; and, b) just a dishcloth for my own use…I just finished it off.


Do you see that ‘tail’ up at the top? I decided to include an I-cord for hanging. I’ve been thinking about a way to split an I-cord while stitching in order to have it make an internal loop without any sewing. Maybe the rest of the knitting world already knew this…but for me it’s pretty awesome since I figured it out myself. Here’s a closeup:


It’s not pretty, but it is functional.
I did a simple 4 stitch I-cord, and then when it was long enough, I slipped 2 stitches to the right-hand needle and stitched the next 2. I did this over and over until the loop was the length I wanted it. Because you still have 2 stitches from the original 4 stitch I-cord, the 2 stitch I-cord will necessarily arc.

When the loop is the size you want, simply integrate the other 2 stitches, instead of slipping them. Then finish off the I-cord. Voila, all connected without sewing.

Now if there’s an even better way of achieving this same thing, please let me know. But for now, I’m kind of smitten with my solution. This little loop would hang on a little hook without problem.

The above details, and the ones for my other project will make it quite clear that I am way better at designing while knitting than I am at reading a pattern and knitting.

The shrug-awl is coming along. I bound off the neckline and started working on the left side ‘sleeve.’

neckline bound off, before working 'sleeve'

neckline bound off, before working 'sleeve'

right sleeve on the stitch holder, working left sleeve on circulars

right sleeve on the stitch holder, working left sleeve on circulars

 sleeve progression
sleeve progression

And that’s where it is this morning.

Seems when I wrote out the pattern I omitted an important word: twice
As in: k1, yo, k2tog TWICE, knit to the end
So here I am, doing k1, yo, k2tog, knit to the end
And it occurs to me, the stitch line isn’t decreasing. Hmmmm.
Look at the pattern. The other sleeve has that twice word.
Go online, look at the real pattern. Dagnabit! I left out that one word when I wrote it down.
So, do I:
a) frog it down to the beginning of the sleeve and try again?
b) start decreasing now and then mirror it with the other sleeve?
c) have unequal sleeves?
My choice? B
So, yeah, reading patterns, whilst 3 children buzz around asking questions like, ‘why can’t we see noise’ — not my strong suit.
I’m not bothered. I’m still knitting.
It’s a ball of yarn and a couple of pointy sticks. No worries. 😀

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