progress and planning

Here’s another photo of the shrug-awl. I’ve not taken any pix of the completed piece….though I keep meaning to:


It is quite comfy and just the right warmth. These mornings, here in very early spring, can be sooooo chilly. But a big bulky sweater gets in the way of housework and knitting. A shawl that stays up on my shoulders is perfect.

Next, the alphabet blocks.

There’s the completed letter A, and next to it the first dozen or so rows of the letter C. They are knitting up so nicely.

I chose to use size 4 needles for a really tight stitch. These are much smaller than the test I knitted last week. That was with a basic cotton yarn and size 10 needles. It is perfect for washing dishes, btw.

But for this project, I wanted something smaller and less ‘floppy.’

Oh, and yes, I do understand that B is the next letter of the alphabet. šŸ˜€

My plan is to knit the entire alphabet out of the 4 colors of Caron Simply Soft I bought last week. They are colors that look lovely together.

Initially I see this being a birthday present for Whingari (she’s a December baby) to play with. They are wonderfully textural. Then when her interest has waned, I can pull them all together and stitch them into a blanket.

I’ve even mapped out the plan of colors. Seriously:
Here’s it is, in my extra fancy knitting journal. šŸ˜‰

I decided I’d do 2 blocks of each color at a time. Then switch to the next color and so on. I think this will make the project less tedious than working in one color for 7 or 8 blocks at a time.

Off to knit,


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