free-range knitter


Yes. We are moving. In a week.

Am I packing? Nope.

Am I, at the very least, knitting? Nope.

I am sitting on the couch laughing. I am sitting on the couch reading. I am trapped within the spell of THE free-range knitter. 😀

I asked for the is book from the library a few weeks ago. (As it is the only Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book that this huge county-wide library system owns! Gasp!) It came in for me yesterday.

We had a few items due today, I told myself. I’ll just swing by, drop those off and LOOK at the book. Just look. Look to see if you want to get it some other time. Look to see if it looks interesting.

Um, right.

Can I just admit that I’ve not picked up a non-knitting book (with the exception of books to be read with/to small children) since I started knitting in January?

That is serious. This self-taught-at-the-age-of-four-reader hasn’t wanted to read.

I don’t feel bad. I’ve been reading for over 39 years and knitting for almost 3 months. It will all balance out eventually.

I love reading anything by The Yarn Harlot. I look forward to all of her posts. Harlot is in my google reader. There is only one blog I will read before hers if there is a new post. My dear friend (and knitter) Pam gets that honor.

Anyway, Ye Yarn Harlot’s sense of humor appeals to me. She is spicy and intelligent without being snarky or hurtful.

So, do I pack or do I read?

We are due to move a week from today….but this book should go back to the library before the move. Yeah, I have it for 3 weeks and the library won’t know that we’ve moved — out of state. But I have this fear about moving and having library books. I am always afraid of things getting misplaced or damaged.

Maybe I can pack and read. Maybe my fingers could use a few days of break from knitting the alphabet blocks (just finished #10 this morning, btw.) Maybe I’ll use a book light and read after everyone else is asleep.

Back to reading….I mean packing….I mean reading. Argh. Maybe I’ll just cook.



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