finished reading

I just finished reading Free-Range Knitter.

Yeah, that’s why I’ve been obsessed with reading for 39 of my 43 years. I am a fast reader. Though I will admit, freely, that I do not read fiction (except to/with the children.)

I become obsessed with whatever I am reading and find it quite difficult to put down my book and be a mama. The various Harry Potter books very nearly could have led me to formal neglect charges. 😀

Thankfully Free-Range Knitter is a quick read. And quick read I did.

And I’m so glad I took the time to do so. Although I’ve only been knitting for almost 3 months, I see the path I am on so clearly in the author’s words and observations.

Yes, I am on this nutty-thoroughly-misunderstood road. But it’s where I want to be.

Obviously this was all whirling around in my head last night. I had this wonderful dream about knitting and wool and yarn shops.

In this dream I had started my own yarn shop out of my home. I called it “Mary had a little Wool.”

And we just so happen to be moving, in just a few days now, into a house with room for such an endeavor.

Off to knit and pack and dream…



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