learning to crochet

Yes, you read that heading correctly. I got together with two lovely ladies yesterday for a good bit of fiber fun. I taught them how to knit and they worked on teaching me how to crochet.

I’ve been working on it today. I think I’m getting the hang of it, though like Kelley said, I definitely crochet like a knitter. And although I am right-handed I’m needing to crochet as a leftie, as I am accustomed to controlling the tension of the yarn with my right hand.

The thing is, how can you tell if you have it right? With knitting you can see such a uniformity even when you are brand new. If it’s not uniform, you aren’t doing it right. Crochet stitches are far more ‘free form’ and hence, not uniform.

Ah well. ‘Tis good to learn new things.

I’m neither old nor a dog, but I do thing that the phrase, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not always correct. And was totally coined by a pessimist anyway. 😉


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