wool vest

I’m working on a wool vest for Chris right now…so that he might be warmer on his daily (frigid) commute.

This is the most complicated project I’ve ever attempted. It is a cardigan style…so basically it is a sleeveless sweater. I didn’t quite realize that when he chose this pattern and I cast on. Probably for the best. Just like natural childbirth, I just had this nebulous idea that all would be fine and I’d just figure out the details when faced with them. 😉

I’ve knit the back panel, the left front one and am about finished with the right front panel. Then I need to block the pieces. They are knit (other than the ribbing at the waist) completely in stockinette, so they are rolling up fabulously. I’m not going to try to piece anything together or have Chris try it on until it is well-blocked.

Then the part I am trepidatious about begins…picking up 277 stitches..and that’s just for the neck and front.

I’ll post pix as soon as I take some. 🙂

Once the vest is finished I’ll start on a sweater for myself. And I’ve learned much from this vest project. I’ve learned to pick an easier pattern. 😉 The sweater pattern I’ve chosen is a top-down circular one. Woohoo!


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