Toe-up Socks

That’s my 40lb 4yo daughter’s leg/foot.

These were made toe-up with the magic loop technique & starting with Judy’s Magic Cast-on (with gratitude to Cat Bordhi for this video.)

Whinnie’s Toe-Up Flame Socks

Yarn is 100% alpaca; colorway: flame

Needle size used: 2 US

CO 12 sts using Judy’s magic cast-on

toe increase rounds
M1, k to last stitch on 1st needle, M1 {repeat on 2nd needle}
continue increasing each round in this way until there are 16st on each needle
then k1 round
then alternate between increase rounds and k rounds until there are 20 sts per round {or desired size)

knit without increasing until sock measures 4″ or desired length

heel shaping
work back & forth on 1 needle until whole sock 6″ or desired length

heel turning
k11, k2tog, k1, turn
SL1, P3, P2tog, P1, turn
SL1, k to within 1 stitch of gap, k2tog, k1, turn
SL1, p to within 1 stitch of gap, p2tog, p1, turn
repeat until you reach the ends

Pick up and knit 14sts along each side of heel flap

knit 1 round after picking up side stitches

gusset decreases
round 1: decrease at each gusset edge
round 2: knit
alternate rounds 1 & 2 until 40 (or desired amount) of stitches remain

switch to preferred ribbing (I prefer/use K2, P1)

bind off loosely when desired length reached


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