the problem with a knitting blog

…is finding time to maintain it.

Both this blog and my Ravelry account languish — my fingers are too busy knitting to type.

And knit I have…nearly constantly.

The above pair of socks (for my 8yo son) represent a new record for me: a pair of socks knit in one day. They were made utilizing my own pattern; very simple, toe-up, two-at-a-time, magic loop. All that sounds complicated, but really, seriously, these are straight-forward, immensely simple knitting.

The next day I did it again; another pair of socks (again for my 8yo) in a day.

Sitting around with a sick 4yo affords large blocks of time for mindless knitting.

Before those socks, these. Blending a lovely Bernat terra cotta colorway with some leftover Fisherman’s Wool. These socks are for my 4yo. I was expecting warm, colorful socks, of course, but I wasn’t expecting to love the blending of those two yarns quite so much.

One last sock photo: another pair for my 4yo.

Yes, I’m making alot of socks. Thankfully all my children, my whole family, appreciates hand knit socks. They clamor for them. And my children are young enough, it appears, to still delight in socks as Christmas presents.

I have been knitting far more than socks, of course, but those photos cannot be shared without potentially spoiling holiday surprises. 😉



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