strategies for the memory-impaired

(the three delightful reasons for my main memory impairment)

Earlier this week I posted one of my strategies for keeping up with the childrens’ wish lists.

Today: a knitting-related strategy.

Knitting books @ the library


When I find a knitting book I’d like to use later, I snap a pic of the cover…



…and then pix of patterns within the book I’d like to remember.


I do this with my own knitting books at home too…
In doing so I can create my own visual queue of projects — helping me not only to remember what I wanted to make…but where to find the pattern.

I’ve already cast on that neckwarmer hat pictured above:

Another use: a quick pic from a book of Christmas stocking patterns. Here I didn’t want the pattern, just to see the proportions of foot to leg for later use.

One last image:


I also take pix of knitting strategies I simply do not want to forget. 😉

Yes, pen and paper would work for all the above strategies.
But taking pix and creating visual libraries on my computer employs the ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ adage.

Using technology to support my love of a time-honored craft. 😀




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