I am a Happy Geek (aka dpn solution)

Problem: a safe place to keep my dpns (without bulk, expense or needing to dig out my sewing machine)

Solution: ‘mini m&m’ tube

A perfect solution (especially since I had the tube on hand — having gotten the mini’s for cookie decorating last week…) in that it is light-weight yet still rigid.


(yes, I knitted the backdrop — it’s a meditation rug I made for hubby 2 winters ago — knit with fisherman’s wool)


6 thoughts on “I am a Happy Geek (aka dpn solution)

    • I bet! I only have a few sets–which I use for I-cords, mistake fixing & stitch holders. But when I need them, I need them where I am.
      So glad to have found a solution that works with my style (aka–if I’m there, I knit) 🙂

  1. Thanks, Leila.
    I should have mentioned that those are 5″ dpns. I have that length in sizes 0 & 4. I have longer dpns in size 8, but alas they are too long to fit in the ‘tube.’
    Since I need the size 4 almost exclusively for fixes and features, it is not a problem.
    The size 0 has already shown itself to be miraculous in picking up the tiniest little dropped stitches. 😀

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