Knitterly Wisdom

…from the Yarn Harlot:

“Knitting may look like stuff made out of yarn, but it isn’t.  Knitting is actually a container, that your knitter has filled with time and love.  Time that they chose to give to another person, that they could have spent doing anything else in the world.  When you see a knitted object, don’t see a hat, or a sweater, or a pair of socks.  See twenty, forty, a hundred hours of your knitters life that they have decided that you, or someone else is worth.”

Hubby’s Yoda Hat was too small — but he loves it and wears it anyway.

Each child received 3 pairs of socks — and for each of them 1 pair was too small (dangers of beginning holiday presents in June for growing feet.) No matter, younger siblings became the recipients of those ‘too small’ socks.

Wool was gifted and deeply appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all — however much or little wooliness you have at your house.



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