new yarn, a finished piece and a question…

Just look at those colors! My package came yesterday from the year end clearance at Webs. 😀 (which is still going on, btw….but hurry!)

Squeeee! I placed that order on Thursday the 22nd and received the package on Tuesday the 27th — impressive considering the holiday plonked in the middle. 🙂

the Finished Piece:

quick-knit, toe-up, no-seams slippers

I had been searching for a really quick and simple slipper pattern but not finding just what I wanted — so I created it.

These start with Judy’s magic cast-on (just like my toe-up socks) and proceed from there. There are no seams just knitting in the round then knitting flat then picking up stitches and a bit o’ ribbing.

Anyone interested in the pattern?
These are for me (and they are awesomely warm what with 2 strands of fisherman’s wool knit together throughout) but I’ll be making a pair for Theo soon — and can write up the pattern while I knit.

LASTLY, the question:

Several friends have asked for an explanation of how I knit toe-up socks, as well as 2 at a time knitting of said socks.

Putting together a tute has long been on my ‘to do’ list but is hard to get to.

What about a KAL?

Would anyone want to knit-along to learn this process?

Doing it one portion at a time will make it approachable for me.

Ok, I just talked myself into it.

Basically subscribe or add the blog to your Reader or post a comment so you’ll be alerted when I’m ready to get it going.



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