Knitting the Gusset

Finished knitting the foot of your sock(s)? Great! Now on to creating a gusset.

For this next step of sock construction you will need keep track of the sock top vs. sock bottom (top of foot vs. sole of foot.) I do this by always making sure that the cast on tail is to the right (top photo) — if it is on the left, then I know I am at the halfway point for each sock’s round.

Lastly, you will also need to keep track of knit rounds vs. increase rounds. I do this by utilizing a stitch counter and simple mnemonic devise: I always knit the odd rounds and increase the evens. Why? because ‘knitting is odd.’ 😉

Ok — now off to the next part of the pattern: Knitting the Gusset

Instructions for Increase rounds:
Only to be done on the sock soles– not on the stitches that are for the sock tops (top of foot)

Sole Side Increase Round: K2, M1 (by whatever method you prefer, I do kbf), K to last 2, M1, K2
Top Side: Knit

So now you follow this pattern:

R1: Knit (because ‘knitting is odd’ 😉 )
R2: Increase Sole Side, Knit Top Side

As you knit you’ll start to form the above shape. And it will start to form this way on the sides (next 2 photos) — and those are your gussets.

How many increase rows you will need will depend on the foot/sock size, of course. But basically, you want to keep alternating knit and increase rounds until about a half-inch from the end of foot.

So…there you are. You’ve knit the gusset.

Next post: Working the heel.


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