Mindful Yarning?


If I blog about my new adventure into the world of crochet shall I change my blog to: Mindful Yarning? 😉

I worked out the basics of crochet (via IRL friends as well as books & YouTube) two years ago. But I didn’t enjoy it, so put no more energy to learning.

But here I am — between projects.

Big changes are afoot for our family & as such I don’t want to start any big or involved knitting projects. And I am rather burnt out on the smaller, quicker ones. (I have made soooooo many socks, hats, mittens, gloves & baby gifts since Christmas.)

So…I decided to give crochet another try. 🙂

You know what? I am really enjoying it this time. Somehow it seems easy. And much more understandable.

I’m using this library book:


I have found the illustrations useful & clear.

Will it replace knitting as my first (fiber) love? Not likely. But I am rather happy to be more fully bi-craftual. 😉


3 thoughts on “Mindful Yarning?

  1. bi-craftual!! You are hilarious!!! bwahahaha!!!

    Crochet feels easy to me, too. I followed a you tube video to make a hat last spring when Sarah was home sick, and had a ton of fun (hat was too big, though, because my hook was way bigger than what she was using,but oh well.).

    I still need to figure out something for the socks!! I made socks for Sarah, and they turned out great- so I started a pair for Sam (he wanted bee socks- black and yellow stripes) I used your tutorial- and essentially made the same sock as I made for Sarah, just a bit bigger (their feet are nearly the same size- Sarah has HUGE feet). I just finished sock one this weekend, and I CAN’T get the darn thing over his heel!! Just like his dad!!! Sarah can wear it, though. But now I am annoyed, and need to do something else for a bit. I think I am going to make some more dolls.

  2. I’m just experimenting away with crochet methods mostly. Anything I make can be put to use by a certain 5yo little girl — mostly with dolls and stuffed animals.

    I’m finding it quite useful to just play around with the yarn — it is helping to keep my mind off waiting and waiting and waiting for other people to do their thing — I am really not good at waiting for other people. 😉

    Glad Sarah’s socks worked out. I’d love to see a photo of them.
    Wish I had words of wisdom for Sam and Edwin’s feet. I just monkey with how many stitches I include in the heels and they seem to work…but everyone’s feet dimensions are different.


  3. I am sure I will figure it out. I just don’t really feel like working on the problem right now.

    I will share pictures of Sarah’s socks soon. They are the ONLY socks she will usually KEEP on her feet!

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