Super Simple Baby Blanket

This is a basic ‘corner to corner baby blanket’ that I’ve been making for years.
The same pattern can be used for dish towels and baby bibs — just knit to the size you want.

Use whatever yarn & needle size you wish. A larger needle will produce a more open knit — smaller a warmer knit.
An open knit (larger needles) will work up much faster. 😉
All garter stitch — all knit, no purl
Cast on 5 stitches
Knit for 2 rows
Increase row: knit 2, yarn over (YO), knit to the end of row
Continue with increase rows until the blanket is the size triangle you wish.
Knit 2 rows — no increases (no YO)
Decrease row: knit 2, YO, knit 2, knit 2 together (k2tog), knit 2, k2tog, knit to end of row
{one of those k2tog is to cancel the increase created by the YO — the other is to decrease the row itself)
Continue with decrease row until you are back down to 7 stitches
Knit one row without YO.
If you want to put a ‘loop’ at the corner of the blanket, Bind Off 3 stitches and then use the remaining 4 stitches to create an I-cord. Make the I-cord the length you want then cut the yarn leaving a long tail and use that tail to sew the I-cord to the blanket.
If you do not want to put a loop at the corner, then just bind off all 7 stitches, cut the yarn and weave in the end.
Note: you are only doing YO’s at the beginning of rows AND at the beginning of every row (unless otherwise noted.) This will not only create the increases you need — it also creates a nice ‘decorative’ line. The holes left by the YOs can also be a place to thread a ribbon through to make a blanket more of a fancy gift, if you like.

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