Both Brilliant & Dense


Feeling brilliant having just turned the heels on these lovely powder-blue socks.

Feeling pretty darn dense because I JUST figured out a better way to knit my 2 @ a time socks. Erp.

You know what happens when you are *too close* to a problem to see a solution? That’s what happened with my KAL.

I felt rushed to get it done (purely pressure I placed on myself — no one else is to blame…) and because I succumbed to that pressure, I finished the project before I gave myself time to noodle a better solution.

But, now, several months later, and in the midst of knitting a pair of socks for my child, a solution just appeared in my brain — love that phenomenon of solutions coming to us only when we get out of their way. 😀

The solution? VERY simple

Previously I had instructed that one would be doing the gusset increases on the foot top. Now I’m saying the increases will be on the foot sole. No actual change in the knitting at this point, just a change in perspective.

Why? Because when you are done with the increases — voila, all the stitches you need to turn the heel are — wait for it — already on the heel needles.
Brilliant! (and something I simply couldn’t see before!)

So, the fiddly-est of the fiddly-bits is now unfiddled. 😀

I’ve corrected the KAL instructions to reflect this.

Knit On!!


One thought on “Both Brilliant & Dense

  1. Now I’m kinda glad I set the KAL socks aside all this time. Yay for getting out of the way! I *try* doing that with my kids. How much can be applied from knitting to parenting… and now, for me, spinning. Lots of leeting go. It’s awesome

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