Mary’s Sock KAL

(This is the ‘bringing it all together’ page for this KAL. All lessons/stages and links are listed below – and these links are all this color. So, start here, read through, then follow the links. And do submit any questions you have via comments. Enjoy!)

I knit all socks these days using the Magic Loop method — 2 at a time starting from the toe and moving up to the eventual bind-off at the cuff.

I prefer toe-up because:
1) I can custom fit the sock to the foot for whom it is made. For me, frequent fittings make for a better sock.
2) No more guessing if there’s enough yarn to make a longer cuff. By the time I get to cuff ribbing the rest of the sock is done.
3) Toe strength. In my experience no matter how perfect the bind-off with a cuff-down sock, the toe is the weakest point. I’ve never had a toe-up sock toe fail — wish I could say the same for the cuff-down socks I made for hubby previously.

I prefer 2 at a time because:
No ‘single sock syndrome’ plus, it makes me feel bloody brilliant. 😀
That said, you are delightfully welcome to start out knitting one sock at a time. In fact, if you are new to sock knitting it is quite advisable. You should have no problem using this KAL to learn…just ignore the fiddly-bits specific to 2 at a time. 😀

– circular needle
– yarn
– stitch markers
– stitch counter (optional)

Skills/Techniques Used
Magic Loop Knitting (small circular knitting with 1 circ needle)
Judy’s Magic Cast-On
– gusset creation
– short row wraps/turning a heel
– ribbing
– stretchy bind-off @ cuff

Introduction Post

Preparation Post (supplies, skills & tutes)

Part One: the Toe ‘Hat’
– Cast-On
– Increases

Part Two: Knitting the Gusset

Part Three: Turning the Heel

Part Four: The Cuff & Bind Off


Mindful Knitting Flickr Page — share your photos!


4 thoughts on “Mary’s Sock KAL

  1. I was doing magic loop knitting without knowing it had a name or that it was a method, lol! Finally watched the cast-on video this evening and got so excited at the end to realize that you don’t need a provisional cast-on to knot toe-up socks!

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