Finished spinning these Tuesday
Tuesday night I plied them together to create:


I am loving this yarn.


Isn’t it gorgeous?!
I don’t seem to be able to stop looking at it. 😉

Today I will get the yarn off the spindle and get it washed and hung to dry.
While it dries I need to figure out how to estimate the yardage.
Then I can knit it up.

I am completely and utterly smitten with hand spinning.
Not enough to buy sheep to wander in the back yard, mind you, but enough to get that big ole’ bag of raw llama fleece out of my closet and get it washed and ready to turn into roving.




3 thoughts on “Smitten

  1. Thanks! I’ve seen various ways of estimating yardage.
    I’m gonna go with the ‘back of a chair’ method for prepping it, I think. I’m too impatient to wait for a niddy noddy. 😉
    It is such pretty yarn I cannot wait to try it out. I’m intending to put it out on the deck to dry after it has had a good soak.

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